Peaceful Paths' Thoughts On Stones

  We feel strongly, as suggested in the excerpt of Edgar Cayce's reading below, that along with many other gifts of nature, stones & crystals can be utilized in one fashion or another, as an aid to growth in spiritual development. Revered in many ancient cultures, today stones and crystals are not only used in advanced technologies, but people the world over are re-discovering their power to help us be more in accord, be more aware, of our spiritual truths.

   In our research and practice, however, we've found about as many variables in the interpretations of a stone's metaphysical potential, as there are stones. So what we've done is to compare a variety of interpretations for each stone, whittling them down to the most common factors and rendered those factors here for the "soul" purpose of basic guidance.

   It should be emphasized that no one stone will have the same effect for everyone. What we suggest is that you choose a stone that appeals to you personally, and experiment with it. Be aware of its presence as you carry it with you for a while, hold close during meditation, wear it as a jewel, etc., and take note of any influences you may notice.

   The stones and crystals respectfully presented here are the ones that not only had the most common factors in a variety of metaphysical property interpretations, but also seemed to offer the greatest potential in being of service.

   We've tried our best to keep prices at a minimum while maintaining high quality. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with a particular stone or crystal purchased here, it can be easily returned and your cost refunded.

"As these are but lights, but signs in thine experience, they are as but a candle that one stumbles not in the dark. But worship not the light of the candle; rather that to which it may guide thee in thy service. So, whether from the vibrations of numbers, of metals, of stones, these are merely to become the necessary influences to make thee in attune, one with the Creative Forces..."

Edgar Cayce,  Reading 707-2

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