Peaceful Paths Practitioners

Practitioner: Janice Cobb

Modality(s):Rune Readings, Intuitive Counseling

Janice is an intuitive counselor. Long enamored of the Ancient Norse, and an avid student of their customs and life ways, she has always felt drawn to the innately minimalistic spirituality of the Runes, with which these Northern people have long been associated. Having explored the molecular, as well as the spiritual aspects of the Norse, and of other Northern peoples, Janice channels guidance through a fusion of these disciplines and also through her passion for teaching.

A New Jersey certified Teacher of the Social Studies for over twenty years, Janice holds, also, an MA in anthropology, with a concentration in molecular studies, and a US Patent for a non-destructive means through which Ancient DNA can be recovered from dental remains. She is also an adjunct professor; teaching anthropology, anatomy and physiology, sociology and psychology for three community colleges and one university. For Janice, teaching is reaching, and Rune readings, the ultimate distillation of the common Divine link in these processes.

Janice Cobb

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