Peaceful Paths Practitioners
Practitioner: Barbara Goodfriend

Modality(s): Animal Communication

Barbara Goodfriend is a sensitive and animal intuitive, experiencing life through her natural gifts of telepathy, clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance. She has had the ability to communicate with animals since childhood.  Barbara has been working nationally as a professional animal communicator for over ten years.  Her work is featured on the radio, in newspapers and on television.

Led by the animals and her guides, Barbara has dedicated her life to bringing understanding and compassion to animals and the people in their lives.  She communicates with the soul essence of the animal by creating an energetic bridge that brings healing to the animal while supporting the animal's role in the client's awakening.  This exchange occurs in her consultations which can focus on behavioral issues, health concerns, dying or deceased animals, animal assisted therapy and remote viewing for runaway pets.

In addition to private and group consultations Barbara collaborates with veterinarians, leads study groups, seminars and experiential workshops in interspecies telepathic communication.  She has extensively studied Taoism, Shamanism, Qigong and the mysteries of the crop circles.  Barbara donates her work to animal rescue organizations.

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