September 2011

Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.”
Walt Whitman

Hello, everyone!   Namaste.

The keynotes of the Chickadee (pictured above), according to renowned author & teacher, Ted Andrews, <1952-2009>, are that of cheerfulness and truthful expression.  Indeed, in Cherokee legend, the Chickadee has long been regarded as the "Bird of Truth".    

The keynotes of the Chicken, (one of the first birds to ever be domesticated, and one that has seemingly carried nations on its back), are that of both sacrifice and fertility.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, it is our hope that you are reading this in your home, safe & dry, and at peace.  If this is not the case, please know that you are included in our prayers & meditations as we focus on the fertility of Mother Earth, who as always, in dealing with destructive forces, eventually completely calms and replenishes.

And further, whether Irene affected you directly or not... whether you've had to make 'sacrifices' recently or far away in your past... whether you've experienced the fertile energy of renewal or are still awaiting its return...  if you have found some Truth in your personal stories of crisis or times of calm...   we're wondering if you would like to share your tales, (be they simple or snarly), or maybe just join us to pay homage to the truths others have learned in their stories.  We invite you to share some Chicken Soup For The Spirit.  (Please scroll down for details.)

What satisfies your soul?  Are you able to recognize how it became a part of your Truth?  Are you willing to share it with others in a safe, comforting atmosphere? 

If so, please do join us at this unique gathering and at any/all of the following very special events this month at Peaceful Paths!

Peaceful Paths News


Anthropologist & Intuitive Counselor, Janice Cobb, Comes To Peaceful Paths!
Interested in RUNES?  Peaceful Paths is very excited to welcome Anthropologist & Intuitive Counselor Janice Cobb, who will be presenting a brand new workshop series entitled "Runic Journey", in which she will share with us the real history & origins of Runes and show us how these curious, fascinating & ancient symbols, when used as an oracle, can teach us about ourselves and others.  (Scroll down for details)

Hurricane Irene Leaves And Angel Intuitive, Lori Meyer, Returns... Perfect Timing!
Learn how the Angels can help us release stress and negative emotions with Angel Intuitive, Lori Meyer!  (See details of her special event below.)

Move Beyond The Third Dimension!
Join Rev. Shaman Denise Saracco at her special workshop this month and learn how to move beyond 3rd dimensional living!  (See details below.)
PSeptember PSychic PSaturday!
Our next Psychic Saturday is scheduled for 9/24/11.  Scroll down for details!

Chicken Soup For The Spirit!
Please see above and below for details!

Peaceful Paths Special Events In September!

A New Workshop SERIES Featuring Anthropologist & Intuitive Counselor JANICE COBB!
Part I - Thurs., Sept. 8, 2011          7:00-8:30p.m.      $25.00*
Part II - Friday, Sept. 23, 2011       7:00-8:30p.m.      $25.00*
Part III - Thurs., Sept. 29, 2011      7:00-8:30p.m.     $25.00*

* Only $20.00 per class with advance payment of entire series.  Note:  classes may be taken independently but to fully understand Runes, participation in the entire series is strongly advised.  
Journey with Anthropologist & Intuitive Counselor, Janice Cobb, into the mysterious world of Runes!

In Class I of this 3-part series, learn the real history & origins of the Runes and their true meaning.  Learn about the first 'Aett' (family) of Runes, concerning 'creation'.  Each participant will be asked to create their own journal for purposes of personal reflection during these collective journeys.
 In Class 2, learn about the second 'Aett' (family) of Runes, concerning the external forces that may disrupt homeostasis, or the ability to maintain equilibrium within.
 In Class 3, learn about the third 'Aett' (family) of Runes, concerning the link to the Divine!

"...much more than a curious alternative to Tarot cards for telling fortunes."

"Today, runes have been rediscovered as a symbolic system and have gained immense popularity as a means of divination. They are, however, much more than a curious alternative to Tarot cards for telling fortunes. They provide a key to understanding the lives and beliefs of the ancient people who created them, and have much to teach us about a way of life that was perhaps more intimately connected to the natural world, and to the realm of spirit, than our own. "
Janice is an intuitive counselor.  A New Jersey certified Teacher of the Social Studies for over twenty years, Janice also  holds an MA in anthropology, with a concentration in molecular studies, and a US Patent for a non-destructive means through which Ancient DNA can be recovered from dental remains. She is also an adjunct professor; teaching anthropology, anatomy and physiology, sociology and psychology for three community colleges and one university. For Janice, teaching is reaching, and Rune readings, the ultimate distillation of the common Divine link in these processes.



With Priestess Maeve & Priest Jack-In-The-Forest
Friday, Sept. 9, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.       $15.00

Full Moon in Pisces (actual date of the full moon: 9/12/11)

The Full Moon in Pisces can be used to manifest dreams, fantasies and creative endeavors. This full moon expresses the duality of Pisces, a Water sign, which ebbs and flows, back and forth, straddling the physical, material world and that of the ethereal, divine realm. It is the full moon to let our imagination express itself in vivid and creative daydreaming. Our spiritual and emotional forces are heightened at this time and we can use this wisdom to be responsible for ourselves first, making sure our mental, physical and spiritual houses are in order. Staying flexible and open to higher wisdom shines light on the path immediately ahead. The practicality of the Sun in Virgo highlights the resources we need to keep forging ahead by tending to the details of our lives. At this Pisces Full Moon we will all come together on this spiritual journey to determine what might we do to enhance our own sense of well being. Please join us as we follow our dreams and fill our Magick with them.

During this gathering, we will call in the quarters, cast the circle, invoke Deity, perform a work of magick, share during talking stick, celebrate with cakes/ale and raise energy through song & dance! Our Magick will focus on using the energy of the Pisces Full Moon, ruled by Neptune, to manifest our dreams come true!
Robes are optional.
Ritual begins promptly at 7:15p.m.
Please bring drums if you'd like to help keep the beat!

Maeve & Jack-In-The-Forest are initiated Priestess & Priest who have been involved in the Pagan and Wiccan tradition for over 15 years.  For the last several years, they have been leading, conducting & creating public rituals in the New Paltz area.  Their Full Moon Circles are not only sacred Rites which honor the God & Goddess, but also forums for learning more about honoring Deity through ritual.  They regard their Circles as teaching Circles which provide information & education about Ritual and format and they are now bringing their Full Moon Circles each month to Peaceful Paths!


Saturday, Sept. 10, 2011      2:00-3:30p.m.      FREE!**
(**Donations will be accepted, gratefully)

Does time seem to be stuck in 'fast-forward' mode to you?  Do you find yourself running around "like a chicken without a head"? <gruesome thought, I know>
Why not spend an hour and half of your time in a comfy place, (in fact you can leave time at the door), gathered with friendly folks, sharing life stories and maybe even a warm bowl of soup.

"Chicken Soup For The Spirit" at Peaceful Paths will be a special time set aside specifically to "satisfy the soul"...  a time in which we may share with one another the stories that thread the tapestry of our lives...  we may have had experiences of pain, personal sacrifice and hardship, anger, jealousy or fear.  We may also have tales that reflect our blessings and gratitude, renewal, faith, love & laughter...  simple occurrences with profound effects.  We all have a tale or two; stories that have formed what is 'truth' in our lives.
Let's share them, in an atmosphere that is safe, comfy and free of judgment.  Let's talk about the ways in which these episodes have helped us grow and what we've discovered about ourSelves along the way.

As we asked earlier, what satisfies your soul?  Are you able to recognize how it became a part of your Truth?  Are you willing to share your story with others? 

Whether you come to share a story or just quietly lend an ear, know that you are welcome.

A very special Chicken (Pastina) 'comfort-food' soup will be served at our first gathering!
(If you are vegan, please be sure to let us know well in advance.)


Featuring Psychic Medium & Certified Hypnotherapist PATTI LEHMAN!
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011      7:00-8:30p.m.      $25.00

  Join us for a relaxing yet productive evening, led by Psychic Medium Patti Lehman who, using the energy of the Moon along with guided meditations & planetary alignment will help you define and reach your goals! 

  Learn to release negative energies from your aura & physical body, allowing yourself room for the amazing things life has in store for you. Through the use of meditation, herbs, candles, and the Celestial world, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished in just one night! Move yourself through meditation, writing, and relaxation techniques into a more fulfilling, abundant life in relationships of all kinds, finances, health, self-love, and psychic energies. Reach your goals!

**Herbs, candles, and paper will be supplied. You may wish to bring a blanket/pillow to relax, sit or lay on. Please wear comfy clothes! 


Ascending Third Dimension Consciousness
With Rev. Denise Saracco, Jaguar Shaman
Friday, Sept. 16, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.       Spiritual Exchange: $5.00

As the Earth evolves into a New Earth, now is the time to take advantage of the energies and spirit guides available now to help us ascend into a higher consciousness! We all wish to walk our path, to be more aware, to wake up more, etc. To move from 3rd dimensional living to at least 5th dimensional living, we need to clear away the old ways, patterns, and behaviors and make peace with the old traumas. We all wish to do this, but how?

This monthly empowering circle will set the stage for ascension to happen for each of you in unlimited ways. Each circle will focus on a new clearing technique while offering tools to help you heal, grow, and evolve. Every healing tool and modality shared is selected by Spirit each month. As brothers and sisters, we will support each other's growth, share healing together, and forge the sacred bond of Love and Acceptance to aid our individual journeys.


Featuring Angel Intuitive, Lori Meyer
Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011      3:30-6:00p.m.      $25.00

In this workshop, Angel Intuitive, Lori Meyer, will teach us how to connect with our Angels to release any unwanted, negative emotions and feelings that are holding us back from achieving our dreams and goals so we can move forward with courage and confidence and grace.

A powerful exercise to release will be taught that we'll be able to use any time we need to purge any emotions or feelings that no longer serve us.

Lori is an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher & Motivational Speaker. She studied with several powerful & celebrated teachers such as
William Lee Rand, Charles Virtue and medium-clairvoyant Lisa Williams.


Featuring Psychic Medium & Certified Hypnotherapist PATTI LEHMAN!
Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.      $25.00

  Awaken your psychic ability with Psychic Medium PATTI LEHMAN! Join us in a Light, encouraging environment where everyone from beginner to the advanced will learn & grow in their own psychic & mediumship abilities. In this group, each person will have the opportunity to explore new possibilities and to learn different techniques in all areas of psychic development. We will work with innate intuition, psychometry, mediumship, Angels & Spirit Guides, and every student will also have the opportunity to not only receive a reading but give one as well!


Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011
11:30-5:30p.m.       $1.00/minute
Sometimes life presents us with challenges; questions we may be unable to answer.  Sometimes we'd all get by a little finer if we had some guidance; a little more clarity.

n certain Saturdays every month, Peaceful Paths will now have a variety of readers & healers, each with their own unique talents, skills & styles, available at the store throughout the day at a reduced price.  Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are always welcome.  Bring your questions, thoughts, doubts, fears & joys!
Our gifted practitioners are here to help & support you.

Sometimes we'd all get by a little finer by just having some fun!


With Rev. Denise Saracco, Jaguar Shaman
Friday, Sept. 30, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.       Spiritual Exchange: $25.00

For those who are in need of healing physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, this circle is for you! We will welcome the doctoring spirits to come and work with each participant. A variety of Divinely-inspired healing ways will be used as called for each person depending on your specific needs. These healing ways include Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, the use of sacred herbs, drum medicine, and more.

       Allow your stress, tension, worry, and fear to melt away as you engage in the Great Mystery to restore your balance. Reacquaint yourself with comfort, serenity, Harmony, and Love once again. 

 *Please bring a pillow and blanket to lay on for your comfort, and notebook/pen to journal your experience and/or message(s) received, and your Divine Self.

Denise Saracco is a Jaguar Shaman initiated by the Healing Spirits of the Universe at the age of 2. She was taught how to connect to other beautiful worlds at any time and did so through adulthood. She experienced many adventures and was taught how to manifest, heal, and work with energy and intent. Along her healing journey, Denise had the privilege to work with and apprentice under various Shamans and spiritual teachers. Her lessons with her worldly teachers has given great depth to the meaning of her *otherworld* experiences.


Thanks for reading, folks.  Hope to see you soon!

Three things cannot be long hidden:  the sun, the moon, and the truth.”   Buddha

With peace,

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