March 2011

Rest up now, while the Earth quickly thaws
So when the first spring blossom arrives
You'll be ready to dance.
Hello everyone!  Namaste.

Well, contrary to a growing fear here in the Northeast, winter does not last forever.   Finally, the season of snow is releasing its grip; the wind's vitality is dwindling.  The Vernal Equinox will arrive soon and with it, the energy of rebirth; the spirit of renewal!  Can you not already feel it stirring beneath your feet?  Get ready to dance!

Peaceful Paths News
Psychic Saturdays at Peaceful Paths!
Our new program, Psychic Saturdays, begins in March!  Each month, on designated Saturdays, a variety of readers, each with unique style & talents, will be available all day at Peaceful Paths to help guide & support you!  Fees for readings will be reduced and no appointment is necessary  ~just come on by!   (See below for this month's dates & details.)
Attention All Furry or Feathered Ones!
Got a nagging question or problem you're just aching to tell your human but can't speak the language??  Grab 'em by the collar and bring them along with you to Peaceful Paths to meet Animal Communicator, Barbara Goodfriend, who will not only interpret for you but help the humans in your life learn to understand you better!  Scroll down for details.
As the Spring Equinox Approaches, You Can Help Heal The Planet.
Help create a harmonic shift within yourself and the planet through ceremony, sacred dance & song with Shaman Denise Saracco this month!  Check out the details of her very special circle listed below.
Did You Miss "Treasure Mapping" With The Tarot Pixie Last Month?
Not to worry!  You can still come to this month's Treasure Mapping-Part II workshop as Jennifer is offering those who couldn't make it before the chance to 'catch up'!  See below for details.
Robin Rose Bennett Returns to Peaceful Paths!
We extend a very hearty welcome-back to Robin Rose Bennett, the "green witch" of WiseWoman Healing Ways, who returns to Peaceful Paths this month and brings back by popular demand, the "New Moon Herbal Wisdom Circle" on Thursday, 3/31/11.  Please scroll down for details.

Peaceful Paths Welcomes Author Sami S. Jarroush
Author Sami S. Jarroush arrives at Peaceful Paths this month for a booksigning and discussion about his new book, I Am The Body, The Mind and The Soul.   Come discover more about the actual dialogues the author had with his Guardian Angel!  Check for details below.

Reiki I Certification Class Postponed!
Unfortunately, Lori Meyer's Reiki I Certification class, scheduled for this coming Saturday, March 5, has been postponed.  Lori's under the weather and has decided it best to reschedule the class for a Saturday in April.  Please watch for our email for more information.  Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Shaman Denise Saracco Available for Guidance & Healing On Fridays!
For those seeking harmony, clarity, and/or guidance, Denise will be available for individual Tarot or healing sessions every Friday at Peaceful Paths from 12:00-6:00p.m.!  Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome.  $35.00/half hour, $60.00/hour, $100.00/two hours -(sliding scale available).  For further details, visit Denise's website:

Why not banish the balance of the winter blues and join us at some amazing events we've got planned this month at Peaceful Paths!
Peaceful Paths Special Events!


An Interactive Workshop with Jefferson Harman
Friday, Mar. 4, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.      $25.00

  Each of Jefferson's
workshops is a unique learning experience for there is always much more to discover & share about dreams!

Do you have recurring dreams?  Have you ever had a nightmare or a serious dream you did not understand that still haunts you?  Is there a symbol that has appeared in various dreams over and over again?  Do you find that you do not remember your dreams or perhaps you feel that you do not dream at all?  

In this interactive workshop, Jefferson Harman will review the various aspects of Lucid Dreaming.  Learn how to change patterns in your subconscious and thus affect your waking life in a positive way.  Learn how to consciously enter your dream state, while being fully aware that you are dreaming.  And once there, you can learn how you can participate in your dreams, including asking questions about your life.  Learn how to solve the riddles hidden in the symbols and messages of your own dreams.
Visit Jefferson's new website: 

**Now you can hear Jefferson Harman interpret dreams (and even call in yourself!) on the radio!  Jefferson is now a recurring guest on "Life Unedited" with host John Aberle, on WCHE Radio 1520 AM, in the Philadelphia area.
You can listen LIVE online at


Featuring Psychic Medium & Certified Hypnotherapist PATTI LEHMAN!
Thursday, Mar. 10, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.      $25.00

  Awaken your psychic ability with Psychic Medium PATTI LEHMAN! Join us in a Light, encouraging environment where everyone from beginner to the advanced will learn & grow in their own psychic & mediumship abilities. In this group, each person will have the opportunity to explore new possibilities and to learn different techniques in all areas of psychic development. We will work with innate intuition, psychometry, mediumship, Angels & Spirit Guides, and every student will also have the opportunity to not only receive a reading but give one as well!


With Jennifer, The Tarot Pixie
Thursday, Mar. 10, 2011      7:30-8:30p.m.**      Just $9.00!

   Treasure mapping is the art and science of mapping and achieving our desires. In this fun & creative monthly workshop, we combine visualizations, affirmations and practical measures specially designed to help swiftly manifest the goals we've mapped out.

      March's session will focus on one of our greatest gifts - forgiveness. Join the group as we explore how resentment and anger we hold toward ourselves and others prevents us from manifesting. In preparation for our time together please give some thought to negative situations, exchanges or people in your life who you feel called to forgive.
     Please bring your map, notebook & pen to each meeting.

**If you missed a previous session you can still join the fun. We'll hold a 'refresher' session a half hour before the scheduled meetings... there is no additional fee, simply arrive early (7:00p.m.).  Please bring a map or the makings of a map (posterboard, inspiring words, photos & whatever else you'd like to include!


With Shaman Denise Saracco
Friday, Mar. 11, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.       $25.00*
(*Sliding Scale Available)

   Green represents life.  This is the kind of transformative energy and magick that our planet is in need of.  We witness the disharmony of our People - disconnected and crying for help.  The Animal Nations - their homes being invaded and destroyed by our People.  The Rooted Ones - whose Medicine is carelessly uprooted and forgotten.  The Four Elements in Nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) - echoing the disharmony in our weather patterns.

   What can we do to help?  By working with a united intent in community, great healing shifts and magick happens.  When we are able to connect to our omnipotent life force energy, and engage with the Mysteries of Life on this planet, a powerful combination of Love, Birth, and Transcendence ensues.  We will gather this night to help create a harmonic shift within ourselves and our planet.  Through ceremony, sacred dance and song, we will understand what each one of us can do to help and together create a new 'code of harmony' for our community.


Saturday, Mar. 12, 2011   &   Saturday, Mar. 26, 2011
11:30-5:30p.m.       $1.00/minute

Sometimes life presents us with challenges; questions we may be unable to answer.  Sometimes we'd all get by a little finer if we had some guidance; a little more clarity.
On certain Saturdays every month, Peaceful Paths will now have a variety of readers & healers, each with their own unique talents, skills & styles, available at the store throughout the day at a reduced price.  No appointment is necessary so just drop on by and bring your questions, thoughts, doubts, fears & joys!  They'll be here to help & support you.

Sometimes we'd all get by a little finer by just having some fun!


Featuring Psychic Medium & Certified Hypnotherapist PATTI LEHMAN!
Thursday, Mar. 17, 2011      7:00-8:30p.m.      $25.00

  Join us for a relaxing yet productive evening, led by Psychic Medium Patti Lehman who, using the energy of the Moon along with guided meditations & planetary alignment
will help you define and reach your goals!
  Learn to release negative energies from your aura & physical body, allowing yourself room for the amazing things life has in store for you. Through the use of meditation, herbs, candles, and the Celestial world, you will be amazed at what can be accomplished in just one night! Move yourself through meditation, writing, and relaxation techniques into a more fulfilling, abundant life in relationships of all kinds, finances, health, self-love, and psychic energies. Reach your goals!

**Herbs, candles, and paper will be supplied. You may wish to bring a blanket/pillow to relax, sit or lay on. Please wear comfy clothes! 


Featuring Animal Communicator, Barbara Goodfriend
Friday, Mar. 18, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.      $20.00

Friendly pets are welcome!

Come explore the telepathic language each of us innately receives from the animals. The focus of this class is to become proficient at the art of animal communication through practice, feedback and experience. It is Barbara's vision for the future to bring the group to animal shelters and rescues to help ease the animals' situations.  

In addition to personal consultations, animal intuitive & pet communicator Barbara Goodfriend, whose work has been featured on radio, newspaper, & TV, collaborates with veterinarians, leads study groups, seminars & experiential workshops in interspecies telepathic communication, and donates her services to animal rescue organizations.


 BEYOND 2012
An Interactive Workshop with Jefferson Harman
Saturday, Mar. 19, 2011      4:00-6:00p.m.      $25.00

The excitement surrounding the events of December 21, 2012, also brings misinformation and fear. Some people believe this date will signal the end of the world and the coming apocalypse. But 2012 actually signifies the completion of astronomical and astrological cycles - not just an end but also a new beginning.
The purpose of this workshop is to create a dialogue around 2012 that allows for the positive possibilities surrounding this date. Participants will be invited to express their observations, reservations and expectations about 2012. We will discuss the significance of one age passing into another, how this has happened before and how mankind has lived to tell the tale.  What we do in the coming months is of great importance to the outcome.    Our very thoughts and prayers will affect how 2012 plays out.
Please join us for an evening of hope and a wish for peace in the coming years.


Featuring Author Sami S. Jarroush
Thursday, Mar. 24, 2011      Begins at 7:00p.m.      $30.00**
**Fee includes the $19.95 price of the book

  I Am The Body, The Mind and The Soul

 If you've ever wondered who you really are, what your life's mission is, what happens when you leave this life, and how to live and die without fear of the unknown, you must meet author Sami S. Jarroush in person!  Come hear him discuss the fascinating details of his new book in which he shares the direct dialogues he's had with his guardian angel!
"Powerful information that was meant to be shared with the world!"

Sami S. Jarroush is a Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer, Muscle Release Technique professional, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Counselor.  He resides in northern New Jersey with his wife and three children where he is currently working on his next book.
Visit his website:


HOLISTIC MENTORSHIP NETWORK - support group meeting
Friday, Mar. 25, 2011

Come enjoy, experience and share this special evening in community with Holistic Practitioners.

This month's topic: 'How To Increase Your Business' with Joan Velardi.

The Holistic Mentorship Network Supports the Holistic Professional, as well as the Community, by providing the space to network; build a referral base; mentor & support each other in business development & growth; promote community awareness and education of Alternative services and products; and meet potential clients.  For more information about the Holistic Mentorship Network, please visit them at their website,
Please RSVP to: 
Jordan Brown: 973-694-1950 or Jefferson Harman: 973-839-9517


Featuring 'Green Witch' Herbalist, Robin Rose Bennett!
Thursday, Mar. 31, 2011      7:00-9:00p.m.      $20.00

The New Moon is the perfect time to form an intention in meditation and commit to it in the fertile field of your imagination. Working magically and meditatively with common herbs and the cycles of the moon brings about a reconnection with the divine feminine (and if you are a woman, with your female body). Marking the new and full moons offers a profound, transformative spiritual practice that alters how you perceive and actually experience the unfolding of time. This circle will help you guide your own spiritual path and clarify your intentions so you can *womanifest* (or manifest) your dreams.

Robin Rose Bennett is a writer, green witch, an herbalist, a wisewoman... one who loves the earth and gives voice to the healing wild food and medicine plants which surround us.  She has taught herbal medicine since 1986 -in hospitals, medical schools, progressive learning centers and most joyously, outside with the plants. Visit her website at



JENNIFER, THE TAROT PIXIE, will be with us TOMORROW, Saturday, 3/5, from 12:00-3:00!  Walk-ins are always welcome but you can reserve your choice of timing if you call to book an appointment!  Please call before you come if the weather is 'iffy'.

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Thanks for reading!  See you soon!

                         "It was one of those March days, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade."
                                                                                                                        ~Charles Dickens,
Great Expectations

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