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Natural Sounds Gold

Specially balanced and mixed by top producer Llewellyn to create soothing natural atmospheres without sudden loud noises or unpleasant interruptions that so many natural sound recordings seem to include. Ideal for relaxation, sleep, or therapists.
*Double CD* contains over 2hrs of recordings featuring 10 minutes of 16 popular natural sounds that can be easily looped for continuous enjoyment.
Calming Seas; Gentle Rivers & Streams; Tranquil Birdsong; Inspiring Thunderstorm;
Rainforest Reverie; Tibetan Healing sounds; Moonlit Forest; Secret Cave;
Friendly Dolphins & Whales; Revitalising waterfall; Refreshing rain; Soothing windchimes on the wind;
English Country Garden; Exotic Jungle; Cathedral Choir Garden; Romantic Tropical Beach

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