Triple HeartString

Stone(s): Tiger Eye Gold, Citrine, Clear Quartz

Tiger Eye Gold: Inner Strength. Enhances flexibility. Sharpens perception, will, focus and clarity. Increases self-awareness. Balances. Brings prosperity. Enhances sexual and emotional life. Brings 'light' where practicality is needed.

Citrine: 'The Merchant's Stone' - Prosperity, generosity, happiness, joy, self-esteem. Creativity, clear thinking. Attracts material wealth for the highest good. Never absorbs negative energies, thus never needs cleansing.

Clear Quartz:'The Amplifier' - Universally beneficial and multi-purpose. Amplifies. Healing. Aids Meditation. Balances. Increased thought and purifies intention. Focuses and activates energy.

Adorned with Swarovski Crystals.
Bottom charm Sterling Silver.
Triple HeartString: Tiger Eye Gold, Citrine