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Guiding Light

   We have known times we might call dark times. And moments where our lives seem to have been touched by the Light. I think we all have our own ideas as to what the Light means - whether it be inspiration, love, faith, or a feeling of heightened spirituality.
   This music represents a journey towards the Light.
   Guiding Light is one seamless uninterrupted piece of music, making it ideal for meditation or healing. For ease of navigation there are track markers created at certain events in the music - Chris Conway.

LISTEN to track 1, The Path in

LISTEN to track 2, 1st Glimpse

LISTEN to track 3, 2nd Glimpse

LISTEN to track 4, Stairway I

LISTEN to track 5, 3rd Glimpse

LISTEN to track 6, 4th Glimpse


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