About Peaceful Paths

What, or who, is Peaceful Paths?

Simply put, we are travelers on a journey inward; seekers of the spiritual truth within.

While we feel that what is searched for truly lies within the seeker, we also feel that gathering with fellow-seekers makes the journey a whole lot less lonesome, a whole lot more interesting & supportive, and a whole lot more fun! It is with this feeling that Peaceful Paths came into BEing, many moons ago.

At Peaceful Paths, we honor all that enhances awareness of our spiritual nature, our oneness and our inner peace, and we take great pleasure presenting classes, workshops, events & products all designed to open our minds, heal our hearts, and take us another step forward on the journey inward.

So we extend our hands, warmly inviting you to reach back and share with us the Light you have found in your own experiences. Please reach back to us in any of the following ways:

Email Dove E-MAIL us at dove@peacefulpaths.com

By telephone: 973-283-9444

By fax: 973-283-9444